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Team Final Meeting and Reports

Team Abstracts and Summaries

Powerpoint slides from June 2011 Symposium

AGENDA-University of Ottawa


Argentina Final Project Report-Spanish
Argentina Poster Spanish
Argentina Poster English

Australia Ingkintja Abstract English
Australia Ingkintja Abstract Spanish
Australia Final Project Report
Australia VAHS Abstract English
Australia VAHS Final Project Report
Australia Urapuntja Health Service and Utopia Community

Brazil Abstract English
Brazil Abstract Spanish
Brazil Final Project Report Spanish
Brazil Poster English
Brazil Poster Spanish

Bangladesh Abstract
Bangladesh Abstract Spanish
Bangladesh Final Project Report
Bangladesh Poster English

Canada Abstract English Final
Canada Abstract Spanish
Canada Final Project Report
Canada Poster English

Colombia Abstract English
Colombia Abstract-Spanish
Colombia Poster English
Colombia Poster Spanish

 Congo Abstract Spanish
Congo Abstract English
Congo Final Project Report 
Congo Poster English

El Salvador Abstract English
El Salvador Abstract-Spanish
El Salvador Poster English
El Salvador Poster Spanish

Ethiopia Jimma Abstract English
Ethiopia Final Project Report
Ethiopia Jimma Poster English

Ethiopia Tigray Abstract -English
Ethiopia Tigray Abstract Spanish
Ethiopia Tigray Final Project Report-English
Ethiopia Tigray Poster English

India Abstract
India Abstract Spanish
India ASHA Poster English

Iran Abstract English
Iran Abstract Spanish
Iran Final Project Report
Iran Poster English

Kenya Abstract
Kenya Abstract Spanish 
Kenya Poster English

New Zealand Abstract
New Zealand Abstract Spanish
New Zealand Final Project Report

Pakistan Project Abstract 
Pakistan Abstract Spanish
Pakistan Final Project Report
Pakistan Poster English

South Africa Abstract
South Africa Abstract Spanish
South Africa-Final Project Report
South Africa Poster English

Uruguay Abstract English
Uruguay Poster Spanish
Uruguay Poster English
Uruguay Poster Spanish

A project related to the Teasdale-Corti studies in Latin America, also funded by the IDRC, has just completed. This project studied how governance affects health systems and health policy with a focus on Latin America. A PDF of the special supplement journal with the articles (mostly in Spanish) can be found here.

Gobernanza y salud Aportes para la innovacion en sistemas de salud 2010

Strategies to Sustain Comprehensive Primary Health Care, Cuenca Ecuador Sept. 2009

Report from PAHO Belo Horizonte Meeting on PHC, December 2007

Trip Report: Network of Centres of Excellence in Primary Care in the Americas – 11-13 December 2007

Agenda for Teasdale Corti Team Meeting, Johannesburg – 28 November to 1 December 2007

Revitalizing Health Final Proposal 2007

Revitalizando la salud Propuesta Final 2007

Revitalizando la salud Boletin 1 2007

Revitalizing Health Newsletter 1 2007

Revitalizando la salud Boletin 2 2007

Revitalising Health Newsletter 2 2007

Revitalizando la salud Boletin 3 2007

Revitalising Health Newsletter 3 2007

Revitalizing Health Newsletter 4 2008

Revitalizando la salud Boletin 4 2008

Revitalizing Health Newsletter 5 2009

Revitalizando la salud Boletin 5 2009