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Source Country Perspectives of Highly Trained Health Personnel

This research addresses the causes, consequences and responses of source countries to the migration of their highly trained health personnel. This will include a focus on doctors, nurses and health care managers and educators. The countries that are going to be examined specifically include the Philippines, India, South Africa, and Jamaica. Data will be gathered about who is migrating, how they are migrating and to where, and what some of the consequences have been of the migration of highly trained health personnel from these countries using a variety of indicators considered important by those actually within the countries being studied. Finally, some of the responses to minimize the negative consequences will be examined highlighting some useful examples that could be implemented across these and other countries experiencing similar problems.

This topic should be of interest to those in Canada because it is one of the countries that these personnel are migrating to and we should understand the consequences this has for countries of origin. Further, this information will help to ensure that Canada meets its international obligations to improve situations in countries from which it benefits from highly skilled migration.

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