Global Health Equity

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Recruitment Strategies and the Migration of Health Human Resources to Canada

This SSHRC funded project ran from 2006 to 2009. Canada is not alone in trying to address the problems presented by global and local shortages of health human resources (HHR).
Pan-Canadian work is taking place on the harmonization of approaches to recruitment, regulation, and access to licensure. At the global level, discussion of coordination of standards for HHR with regard to harmonization of specialist training, continuing medical education and continuing professional development, and establishing global standards for assessing equivalency is similarly ongoing. In theory, these efforts should ultimately provide some assistance to HHR and the recruiters that we interviewed. It may also have the effect of deterring health workers unlikely to qualify for practice in Canada to seek migration, but could also incentivize those already qualified to migrate, and those lacking sufficient qualification to upgrade their credentials in a carefully targeted way.