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Lisa Forman

Lisa Forman’s postdoctoral research explored methods of ensuring interactions between international trade and human rights law in relation to medicines, and in particular, how human rights can be utilized to ensure better public health outcomes in the formulation and implementation of trade policies. Her research focused on the relationship between trade and human rights in international law, and on practical mechanisms for ensuring that trade rules do not restrict human rights, including a right to health impact assessment tool.

Publications from her postdoc include:

1.    Lisa Forman, “An Elementary Consideration of Humanity? Linking Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights to the Human Right to Health in International Law,” (2011) 14:2 Journal of World Intellectual Property 155–175.

2.    Lisa Forman, “‘Rights’ and Wrongs: What Utility for the Right to Health in Reforming Trade Rules on Medicines?” (2008) 10:2 Health and Human Rights: An International Journal.

3.    Jillian Clare Cohen-Kohler, Lisa Forman and Nathaniel Lipkus, “Addressing Legal and Political Barriers to Global Pharmaceutical Access” (2008) 3:3 Journal of Health Economics, Policy and Law 229.

4.    Lisa Forman, “Trade Rules, Intellectual Property and the Right to Health” (2007) 21:3 Ethics and International Affairs 337.

5.    Ronald Labonte, Chantal Blouin and Lisa Forman, “Trade and Health” in Adrian Kay and Owain David Williams, eds., Global Health Governance: Crisis, Institutions and Political Economy (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009).

6.    Lisa Forman, “WHO’s Intergovernmental Working Group on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property,” in Shyami Puvimanasinghe and Stephen Marks, eds., The Right To Development In Practice: Studies For The Twenty-Fifth

Anniversary Of The Declaration On The Right To Development (in press at United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights).

7.    Lisa Forman, “What Future for the Minimum Core? Contextualizing the Implications of South African Socioeconomic Rights Jurisprudence for the International Human Right to Health,” in John Harrington and Maria Stuttaford, Global Health and

Human Rights: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives (Routledge, 2009).

8.    Lisa Forman, “Global Health Governance from Below: Access to AIDS Medicines, International Human Rights Law and Social Movements” in Andrew W. Cooper, John Kirton and Ted Schrecker, eds., Innovation in Global Health Governance:

Critical Cases (Ashgate Publishers, 2009).

9.    Lisa Forman, “Justice and Justiciability: Evaluating Right to Health Jurisprudence in South Africa,” reprinted in Andre den Exter, ed., International Health, Access, Solidarity and Justice (Antwerp: Maklu Press, 2009).