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Katia Mohindra

Katia Mohindra is a global health researcher at the Institute of Population Health. She holds a PhD in public health (Université de Montréal). She was previously a research associated with the International Development Research Centre and the Unité de santé international and has worked on collaborative research projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Her research examines the global and local forces that affect population health in low and middle-income countries, focusing on how to break the cycle of poverty and ill health among poor women and marginalized populations. She is the author of Women’s Health and Poverty Alleviation in India and is co-editor of La santé mondiale: recherche et enseignment au Québec (with Val éry Ridde) and Global Health (4 volumes) (with Ron Labonté, Ted Schrecker and Kirsten Stoebenau).