Global Health Equity

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Globalization and the Health Of Canadians: A Transdisciplinary Research Network

Reflecting Canada’s leadership in understanding that population health is affected by much more than health care, this five year pan-Canadian interdisciplinary research network focuses on policy responses to globalization’s effects on social determinants of health.
We built on the expertise of investigators across Canada from a variety of backgrounds to address the following research questions:

How does globalization affect health, health disparities and the determinants of health in Canada, with special reference to children in low-income households in major metropolitan areas (Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver, with Saskatoon as a small-city comparison case), and to the cross-cutting themes of gender and immigration?
How does globalization affect the international context in which Canada must address health equity and determinants of health?
How effectively has Canadian public policy responded to the challenges for health outcomes and determinants of health presented by globalization?
What demonstrably effective best practices to avoid or mitigate the potentially negative health effects of globalization can be identified from the experience of other countries?
What are the key policy entry points for addressing the impact of globalization on health disparities in the future?  What opportunities will be available to Canadian governments for using those policy entry points?
What key data and research needs must be addressed for purposes of future Canadian research and policy in this area?

Our work program supported trainees at several sites who gained valuable experience in qualitative and quantitative research; in using research for policy analysis; and in knowledge translation.