Global Health Equity

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Euro WHO: Global Factors Task Force

This research synthesis project (2011-2012), undertaken for the European Region of the WHO, examines global factors on social determinants of health with respect to Europe. Two major directions were examined:

  1. The impact of global factors inwards on European SDH. The principal channels of influence here are considered to be the (continuing) global financial crisis/economic recession; and migration pressures and counter-pressures.
  2. The impact of European foreign policies outwards on global factors, with effects on other countries. There are two aspects to this examination: how these outward effects pose indirect (feedback) effects on European health and SDH (the utilitarian or security argument) and how these outward effects pose direct health equity effects on third countries (the constitutive, normative or legal argument). The principal channels of influence here are considered to be trade and development/aid policies.All four of these policy-driven or responsive areas interrelate, for example, trade and development policies can increase or decrease the ‘push/pull’ factors associated with migration and its subsequent pressures and counter-pressures. Financial market liberalization treaties can enable rapid speculative financial flows with often negative health equity and financial crises effects.

Review of social determinants and the health divide in the WHO European Region: Executive Summary is available here.