Global Health Equity

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Maisam Najafizada

Maisam Najafizada began as a PhD student in Population Health in September 2011. Maisam was involved with the Evaluation of Community Health Workers Program to Improve Maternal Health in Afghanistan.

Birama Apho

Birama Apho Ly was a PhD student in Population Health starting in September 2011. His research focused on the psychosocial determinants of physicians to using telemedicine in Mali. His study was supported by the CIHR grant, Source Country Perspectives of Highly Trained Health Personnel.

Ashley Page

Ashley Page was a master’s student in International Development and Global Studies starting in September 2011. Her research work was on gendered health and empowerment outcomes in post-disaster relief programs, with a focus on Bangladesh.

Alejandra Dubois

Graduate Diploma, January 2008-2009

Asim Qasim

MA, Faculty of Social Science, University of Ottawa, 2010-2011, Linking Health with Global Production Networks: The Case of Personal Computers.

Sabrina Chaudhry

MPH Student, University of Saskatchewan
A master’s student from the University of Saskatchewan, Sabrina Chaudhry completed a practicum at the Institute of Population Health during the summer of 2012. Her work focused on understanding if and how lobbying influences health policy decision-making in Canada. She also assisted in writing an article on a survey questioning physicians about their experiences with medical tourism.

Thomas Lynch

Tom Lynch completed a summer research MPH practicum at the Institute of Population Health in 2012, producing a narrative literature review on welfare-to-work policies and their effects on health equity. The report also explores considerations for policy development to improve health equity outcomes for persons on welfare, and transitioning from welfare to work.

Sabrina Omar

Sabrina Omar was a master’s student in the Epidemiology and Com­munity Medicine program, beginning in September 2012. In 2011/2012 she undertook directed studies in the Unit exploring Indian surrogacy through the lenses of risk management, ethics/human rights and political economy.

Michelle Gagnon

President, Palix Foundation; Adjunct Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary
Michelle Gagnon received her PhD in Population Health in 2012. She previously worked with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in a number of roles, including as Director of the Knowledge Translation. Her thesis explored global health diplomacy with a focus on the UK ‘Health is Global’ strategy as a primary case.

Mariella Ferreyra

MD, One Healthcare Center
Mariella Ferreyra Galliani was a master’s student in Epidemiology and Community Medicine and an internationally educated physician, training to work in Canada. She began at the Institute of Population Health in 2009, where her thesis explored new migrant experiences of ‘cultural competence’ in primary care. She was also a research assistant in the Globalization and Health of Canadians study.

Laura Hopkins

Laura Hopkins, from the University of Saskatchewan, completed an MPH practicum on medical tourism at the Institute in 2010.

Sam Caldbick

From the University of Saskatchewan, Sam Caldbick completed a practicum with the Institute of Population Health in the summer of 2011 towards a Master of Public Health. His work mainly focused on the impact globalization is having on Canadians through the labour markets.

Laura Bisaillon

Laura Bisaillon earned an interdisciplinary PhD in Population Health from the University of Ottawa in 2012. Her dissertation, “Cordon Sanitaire or Healthy Policy? How Prospective Immigrants with HIV are organized by Canada’s Mandatory HIV Screening Policy” was awarded the Governor General’s Gold Medal for best doctoral dissertation in the Humanities and the Joseph De Konink Prize for best doctoral dissertation in Interdis­ciplinary Studies. Ronald Labonté and Dave Holmes were Supervisor and Co-Supervisor, respectively. Awards from CIHR and FRSQ supported her research.