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Abdullahel Hadi

Abdullahel Hadi was a Researcher in the Institute of Population Health at the University of Ottawa from 2010 to 2011. His areas of interest are poverty dynamics, primary health care, health equity, violence against women, international migration and public policy. Currently, Dr. Hadi has been conducting a narrative review for PHIRN that assesses evidence base for the effects of current state of housing on health and well-being of the new immigrants in Canada. The study will examine the effectiveness of policy interventions in addressing housing problems of low-income immigrant in different countries. Despite growing interest in immigrant access to affordable housing, very few studies have attempted to assess the effects of housing on migrant health. It is expected that the experiences would help us in developing a comprehensive and affordable housing strategy for new Canadian immigrants.

In addition, he has been working on a project commissioned by HRSDC to carry out a systematic review of indicators of social and economic exclusion and inclusion in Canada. Dr. Hadi was awarded several research grants form the Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation, the DFID, European Commission and the World Bank. He also received Barker Memorial Prize 2001 for the best research published.