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The Globalization and Health Equity Research Unit is located at University of Ottawa and is now part of the School of Epidemiology and Public Health.  Our research group examines how contemporary globalization (post 1980) is affecting social determinants of health, and the health status of different population groups, within and between nations.  All of our research seeks a better understanding of how contemporary globalization creates new health opportunities or risks, and how those opportunities can be enhanced or risks minimized through engagement with policy-makers and civil society organizations.

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Publish date 2020!

Trade Agreements and Public Health: A Primer for Health Policy Makers, Researchers and Advocates

R. Labonté, and D. Gleeson

Health Equity in a Globalizing Era

R. Labonte and A. Ruckert


Graduate Program Spring/Summer 2019
Towards Global Health Equity: From Evidence to Action

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Announcing Ronald Labonte’s newly won two Million dollar CIHR GRANT: GLOBAL 1HN: Global 1HN is an interdisciplinary research-to-action network intent on strengthening Canadian leadership in improving the global governance of infectious diseases (IDs) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Increasing the public health voice in global decision-making on nutrition labelling, Thow A.M, Jones A.,  Huckel Schneider, C and Labonté R.

Bergen, N., Labonté, R. “Everything is perfect, and we have no problems: detecting and limiting social desirability bias in qualitative research”

WHO response to WTO member state challenges on tobacco, food and beverage policies, Barlow, P., Labonté, R., McKee, M. and Stuckler, D.

Analysing the impact of trade and investment agreements on pharmaceutical policy: provisions, pathways and potential impacts, Gleeson, D., Lexchinm J., Kohler, J., Forman, L., Townsend, B., Labonté, R., Gagnon, M.A., & Shadlen, K.

Vintage publications still in demand: Labonte, Ronald and Penfold S. Canadian perspectives in health promotion a critique, 1981.

From primary health care to universal health coverage – one step forward and two steps back, Sanders, D., Nandi, S., Labonté, R., Vance, C., Van Damme, W 2019.

Promoting Health Equity: From Knowing to Action Research and Policy Symposium, Flinders University Australia September 16, 2019.

Health in Canadian foreign policy: the role of norms and security interests. Ruckert A., Labonte R. Lencucha R.

Medical Tourism in Guatemala: Qualitatively Exploring How Existing Health System Inequities Facilitate Sector Development, Cerón A., Crooks, V., Labonté, R., Snyder, J., Flores, W.

How do actors with asymmetrical power assert authority in policy agenda setting? A study of authority claims by health actors in trade policy, Townsend B., Schram A., Labonté   R., Baum F. and Friel S.

Medical tourism will…obligate physicians to elevate their level so that they can compete: a qualitative exploration of the anticipated impacts of inbound medical tourism on health human resources in Guatemala, Crooks, V., Labonté, R., Ceron, A., Johnston, R., Snyder, J. and Snyder, M.

The new NAFTA’s assault on public health, Labonte R., McNamara C., Gleeson D. and Crosbie E. 

Consequences of policy incoherence: how Zambia’s post‑CTC investment policy stimulated tobacco production, Labonte R. etal.